Trevaretur ski tours 2024
3 days of ski touring in Lofoten with accommodation,
food, sauna and cultural events at Trevarefabrikken
The ultimate backcountry skiing tour in Lofoten!

Trevaretur is an all-inclusive experience of days filled with skiing, food, culture, sauna, accommodation and afterski at the regional hotspot Trevarefabrikken – located in the small fishing village of Henningsvær in the Lofoten archipelago, Northern Norway.

Want to explore untouched snow and spectacular sea to summit ski touring in Norway, while at the same time meet like-minded people, re-energize with afternoon sauna sessions and swimming in the arctic waters? Enjoy daily 3-course dinners from local produce, comfortable beds and the nicest afterski-views towards the mountains and the sea?

Then Trevaretur is definitely for you!

What is included?

→ 3 days of guided ski touring in Lofoten with certified guides
→ 3 nights at Trevarefabrikken
→ Locally sourced 3 course dinners every evening
→ Breakfast and lunch every day
→ Introduction course with the guides
→ Daily afternoon sauna sessions and ocean swims
→ Free access to the weekly culture program at Trevarefabrikken (TBA)
→ Afterski with views over the Vestfjord right at the waterfront
→ Filter coffee & tea all day during your stay

14.500,00 NOK pr. person
Thursday 15.2 – Sunday 18.2 (sold out)
Thursday 22.2 – Sunday 25.2
Thursday 29.2 – Sunday 03.3
Thursday 07.3 – Sunday 10.3
Thursday 14.3 – Sunday 17.3
Thursday 21.3 – Sunday 24.3
Thursday 04.4 – Sunday 07.4 (sold out)
Thursday 11.4 – Sunday 14.4 (sold out)



Trevarefabrikken is your home away from home when on Trevaretur and in Lofoten. The building from 1948 used to be a multi-funnctional factory, producing everything from cod-liver-oil (tran) to furniture, canned food and peeled shrimps across 1500 square meters.

In 2014, two pair of brothers from the rainy city of Bergen on the west coast of Norway fell in love with the old factory building, the warm and welcoming community in Henningsvær and the nature surrounding it – and before they knew it, they were the new factory owners. Since then, a lot of time, energy and hours have been put in together with friends and family to restore and upcycle the old factory to become what it is today: the regional Lofoten-hub for everything related to outdoor life, cultural events, food, yoga and sauna. In addition to this, the factory also has 10 unique bedrooms, designed by London-based architect, Jonathan Tuckey.

Trevarefabrikken in winter sun and snow
Local instructors

Vegard With Stennes is a local mountain guide who lives in Henningsvær with his family and runs I Fri Natur guiding company. He is a certified IFMGA mountain guide and has extensive experience from around the world – from Svalbard to the USA and back home to Lofoten.

Ski guide I fri natur
Skiers paradise

In Lofoten you’ll find terrain both for the first timers and the more experienced, right by the waterfront. Sea to summit skiing does not get any closer than in the Lofoten Archipelago. This duality makes the region one of the world’s most exciting places for backcountry skiing.

We make sure that every tour is planned according to the participants needs and skills, so everybody, regardless if you are a new or experienced skier, can have the best experience possible. If the level of experience is very divided within the group, we usually split up the group between several guides to accommodate everybody and make sure that they have the best tour possible.

Day by day

Day 1

When arriving in Henningsvær, you’ll be taken on a tour of the old factory building by one of the owners (to read more about Trevarefabrikken’s history, click here). After the tour, we eat dinner together at around 19:30, followed by an introduction of the guides and planning of the next day’s trip.

Day 2 – 3

We eat breakfast together while enjoying the views of the Vestfjord right outside the factory. Lunch packages are distributed and coffee mugs refilled while getting the last weather forecast, risk analysis and updates regarding today’s trip from the guides. We plan on using as much time as possible outside.

Upon returning, you can have a sauna before dinner, which is served at 19:30. After dinner you can partake in the factory culture program for the evening (quiz/movie screening/concerts/djs/TBA), before enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Day 4

The last day starts with having breakfast together, before checking out of the rooms and getting ready for our last trip of the tour. For those who fly from Evenes it is possible to drive directly from the trip to the airport. For those with an evening flight, a late check out is possible.

Our rooms

Carpenters Room

Stay in one of our six new double rooms in the old carpentry workshop on the second floor with handmade wooden interiors, private bathroom and a king size bed.

The Paintroom

The old paintroom has two king size beds – one of them in the old elevator shaft – a kitchenette, private bathroom and a hangout corner. It can accommodate up to 4 people.

The Loft

The loft has smashing views of local mountain Festvågtinden, a kitchenette, private bathroom and one king size bed plus two single beds in the attic. It can accommodate up to 4 people.

The Big Loft

The factory’s biggest loft apartment comes with two king size beds, a kitchenette, private bathroom and a hangout corner plus two single beds in the attic. It can accommodate up to 6 people.

Factory program

Trevarefabrikken has a vast and varied culture program throughout the year with talks, quizzes, movie screenings, djs and concerts. Attendance for the culture program is included in your stay with us to ensure you get the full factory experience while staying with us.

Trevarefabrikken in spring sun
Nice to know
Is transport included?

Transport is not included in the price. We urge our guests to either fly to Evenes, Svolvær og Leknes and get a rental car from there. Evenes has daily direct flights from Oslo and is usually the cheapest. Although the drive to Henningsvær is a little longer – estimated 2,5-3 hours – the views along the road are scenic and it makes for a good appetizer towards your weekend in the north. Both Leknes and Svolvær airport are approximately a 1 hour drive from Henningsvær.

Can I rent equipment?

We have up to 10 new skiing packages from Dynafit, ranging from 166-182cm in size. Complete package (skis, boots, poles and skins) can be rented for 1.500 NOK incl. VAT per person/day. If you do not have your own avalanche gear (mandatory to go randoné skiing), this can be rented for an additional 500 NOK incl. VAT per person/day.

Is TrevareTur for everyone and what to expect?

TrevareTur is for everyone, no matter the level of skills or experience with backcountry skiing. One guide takes a maximum of 6 people with them per trip to ensure both safety aspects, learning and flow. The trips are always modified to meet the requirements of the group as a whole, but we can  also divide the group if necessary in terms of skills and wishes.

Our wish and aim is that you will be left not only with an amazing experience in total after a weekend with us, but also grow and learn as a skier in terms of terrain knowledge, skiing technique and security. We have a big focus on quality and therefore all our guides are certified and do guiding for a living.

Is food and beverage included?

All food is included, from breakfast to lunch and a 3-course dinner every night (whole pension). Drinks are not included in the price, except for filter coffee and tea.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy 

All purchases and bookings are final and non-refundable. Upon booking, a deposit of 50% of the total amount is charged. If you have to cancel for whatever reason and do this before the 23rd of December 2023, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. 

If you cancel due to health issues, you will have to engage your insurance company for a refund from them. Trevaretur and/or the guides are not liable for refunds due to health issues. Hence, a valid travel insurance is imminent when going on a trip with us.

Weather conditions

Lofoten is a region with beautiful, but sometimes extreme weather, both winter and summer. That said, there is no refund if the trip is canceled due to bad weather.

Postponing your trip

Postponing same year: 500 NOK per person

Postponing until 2025: 1.500 NOK per person

Trevaretur reserves the right to cancel a trip due to lack of sign ups, or other factors beyond our control. In this case, you will have the option of receiving a 90% refund or rescheduling for a later date (free of charge). Trevaretur is not responsible for additional expenses incurred including non-re- fundable airline tickets, equipment, lodging and other travel related expenses. Due to the above policies, we recommend that you have proper travel insurance before going on a trip.

Security, terms and conditions

If you book a trip with us, you are thereby accepting the previous mentioned and upcoming terms and conditions, including our cancellation policy.

  • Going on a backcountry skiing trip is considered a risky sport and every participant needs their own travel insurance that covers them also for skiing trips.
  • The guides and Trevarefabrikken / TrevareTur are not liable in terms of injuries or similar sustained damage.
  • If a situation or an accident occurs, the guides are the ones responsible for handling the situation, including talking to the media and passing on information to Norske Tindevegledere, participants etc.
  • Your and the guides’ safety during the trips are our most important priority, and the guides plan every trip with transparency regarding weather conditions, risks etc. This also means that there is a personal responsibility on every participant when it comes to following the guide’s advice and directions. Failure to do so can compromise security for all parties involved, which the participant will be liable for.
  • As a participant it is mandatory and expected to be transparent towards the guides / TrevareTur regarding health conditions or other factors that can play a role in the successful execution of the trip.
  • On every trip, it is the guide who has the final word on any decisions made affecting the trip and the participants safety.
  • Neither the guides nor Trevarefabrikken / TrevareTur are liable in terms of injuries or similar sustained damage, nor any additional cost or expenses affiliated with cancellation or postponement of the original trip (car rental, flight tickets or similar).
Lofoten as a destination
When is the best time to ski in Lofoten?

February, March and April are the best months for ski touring in Lofoten. At this time, the light has returned and there is usually a lot of snow in the mountains. The snow is primarily dry and cold in March and with the sun coming back more and more in April, it turns warmer and more slushy with its peak around Easter. Since Lofoten is a bunch of islands with coastline, the weather can change quickly and one should be prepared for all kinds of weather.

Climate and avalanche risk

Lofoten has a typical coastal climate, which means that it rarely is very cold over longer periods of time. Typically the temperature varies between +5 and -5 degrees celsius. Low pressure with milder weather comes in on a regular basis and wets the higher layers of snow. This makes unstable layers of snow disappear and therefore the avalanche risk is smaller than many other places. Furthermore, we usually do not head into territory where the inclination exceeds 30 degrees. Our main goal is to find nice snow in combination with beautiful and fun slopes, not necessarily the steepest ones.

When planning trips, we use the KAST-system and the Varsom-app – a snow condition-, avalanche risk- and weather-forecast -analysis tool developed by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute together with the Norwegian Water- and Energy Department (NVE) – to help us do a thorough risk analysis before we head out and make sure we stay safe when going skiing.

A typical ski tour in Lofoten

We start at sea level and most often have an ocean view while ascending, overlooking fishing boats looking for skrei (cod). The tree limit is quite low in Lofoten, so after 30-60 minutes we already have breathtaking views of both alpine peaks, the water beneath us, Vestfjorden and Lofotveggen. This gives almost a feeling of being in the alps, just with a sea view.

One ascend usually gives us the possibility of several descents to choose from when going down and we therefore mostly do a round trip – meaning we ascend and descend in different places. This makes the trips very varied and you get to see and experience a lot of different terrain during the same day.

Since the mountains in Lofoten are not the tallest, we have the opportunity to do more ascents during the same day compared to other places in Norway (Lyngen, Jotunheimen etc.).

The descents in Lofoten are world famous and already portrayed in numerous skiing films because of the unique factor that we ski from alpine peaks to sea level, which explains the expression “from peak to seaweed”.