Local experience and knowledge

Trevaretur offers trips and activities in the stunning Lofoten Archipelago in Northern Norway for both national and international customers with a base at the cultural hub Trevarefabrikkens in Henningsvær.

For the coming winter of 2023, we will host guided ski touring trips together with local guide Vegard With Stenness’ guiding company I fri natur. Vegard and all his guides are either already IFGMA certified or in the process of becoming certified to ensure high quality and safety when going on trips with us.

Our vision is to build a Henningsvær for the future, which you can visit all year around for exciting activities and an outdoor oriented lifestyle. Therefore we are also planning on offering surf trips, climbing weekends and yoga retreats in 2023. To know more about this and stay updated, sign up to our Trevaretur newsletter.

Is transport included?

Transport is not included in the price. We urge our guests to either fly to Evenes, Svolvær og Leknes and get a rental car from there. Evenes has daily direct flights from Evenes and is usually the cheapest, although the drive to Henningsvær is a little longer – estimated 2,5-3 hours – the views along the road are scenic and it makes for a good appetizer towards your weekend in the north. Both Leknes and Svolvær airport are approximately a 1 hour drive from Henningsvær.

Can I rent equipment?

We have up to 8 new skiing packages from Dynafit, ranging from 166-182cm in size. Complete package (skis, boots, poles and skins) can be rented for 2200 NOK incl. VAT per person for the whole weekend. If you do not have your own avalanche gear (mandatory to go randoné skiing), this can be rented for an additional 700 NOK incl. VAT per person for the whole weekend. 

Is TrevareTur for everyone and what to expect?

TrevareTur is for everyone, no matter skill level or randoné skiing experience. One guide takes a maximum of 6 people with them per trip to ensure both safety aspects, learning and flow. The trips are modified to meet the skills of the group as a whole, but we divide the group if needed in terms of skill and wishes.

Our wish and aim is that you will be left not only with an amazing experience in total after a weekend with us, but also grow and learn as a skier in terms of terrain knowledge, skiing technique and security. We have a big focus on quality and hence all our guides are certified and do guiding for a living.

Is food and beverage included?

All food is included, from breakfast to lunch and a 3-course dinner every night (whole pension). Drinks are not included in the price.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your trip up to 8 weeks in advance without costs. If you choose to cancel for whatever reason up to 5 weeks in advance, you will be refunded 50% of the booking cost. For cancellations done 4 weeks or less in advance, you will be refunded 10% of the booking cost.

If you cancel due to health issues, you will have to engage your insurance company for a refund from them. TrevareTur and/or the guides are not liable for refunds due to health issues. Hence, a valid travel insurance is imminent when going on a trip with us.

Weather conditions

Lofoten is a region with beautiful, but sometimes extreme weather, both winter and summer. That said, there is no refund if the trip is canceled due to bad weather.

Postponing your trip

Postponing same year: 200 NOK per person

Postponing until 2024: 1000 NOK per person

*When postponing, the original cancellation policy does not apply.

Trevaretur reserves the right to cancel a trip due to lack of sign ups, or other factors beyond our control. In this case, you will have the option of receiving a refund or rescheduling for a later date. Trevaretur is not responsible for additional expenses incurred including non-re- fundable airline tickets, equipment, lodging and other travel related expenses. Due to the above policies, we recommend that you have proper travel insurance before going on a trip.

Security, terms and conditions

If you book a trip with us, you are thereby accepting the previous mentioned and upcoming terms and conditions, including our cancellation policy.

  • Going on a randoné skiing trip is considered a risky sport and every participant needs their own insurance that covers them also for skiing trips.
  • The guides and Trevarefabrikken / TrevareTur are not liable in terms of injuries or similar sustained damage.
  • If a situation occurs, the guides are the ones responsible for handling the situation, including talking to the media and passing on information to Norske Tindevegledere, participants etc.
  • Your and the guides’ security during the trips are the most important and the guides plan every trip with transparency regarding weather conditions, risks etc. This also means that there is a personal responsibility on every participant when it comes to following the guide’s advice and directions and failure to do so can compromise security for all parties involved, which the participant will be liable for.
  • As a participant it is mandatory and expected to be transparent towards the guides / TrevareTur regarding health conditions or other factors that can play a role in the successful execution of the trip.
  • On every trip, it is the guide who has the last words on any decisions made affecting the trip and the participants safety.
  • Participation on skiing trips is done at an individual risk.
  • The guides nor TrevareTur have no economic responsibility in case of accidents / injuries or other damages sustained, nor cancellations or postponements of other assets bought regarding the original trip (car rental, flight tickets or similar) that are not refundable.